Arising of super alloy scrap is from all types of engineering industries. Our experienced purchasing staff keeps themselves abreast with the latest scrap disposal tenders and auctions held in the country. Also, they are always updated about the market trends of various types of scrap, which enables them to bid the best price for a particular type of commodity.


Other than just supplying a particular scrap, our sales includes consultancy such as determining a type of scrap for our customer, depending on what he is manufacturing. e.g., charge scrap of once used, Carpenter Alloy - 20 is not advisable for producing sensitive alloy castings of Carpenter Alloy - 20. We suggest use of Incolloy-800 as melting base and good quality Ferro Molybdenum or Pure Molybdenum addition is preferred.Our consultancy service is consistent, regardless of whether the end user is a small Foundry or a large mill. 


We have 2 warehouses in and around Mumbai city. The facilities at both the places provide secured storage and easy handling of  substantial quantities of scrap arisings.Both our facilities work with a standard procedure. All inward material is marked as 'to be checked' and stored after weighment. Our well-trained sorting and testing personnel segregate, adopt universal sorting procedure and prepare various types of scrap, as per customer needs. According to company policies, reports of segregated materials are prepared and records are maintained to help us provide service and satisfaction to our customers.  The "ready to deliver" scrap is marked accordingly and stored in a earmarked area dispatch against or specific demands.